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  • FAQs:

    Can you fabricate any car key?



    Any make or model, old and new can be expertly cut by one of our automotive experts.

    What is an air wedge?

    An air wedge is a locksmith's tool for assisting in a car lockout situation.


    If possible, the air wedge (a balloon of sorts) is placed between the door and the car frame and then pumped up in order to enlarge the crack and get an unlocking tool into the car.

    What is a master lock system

    A master lock system is a situation where you have numerous locks, all with their own unique key but in addition you have one key which can open them all.

    Whats is a lock rekey

    A lock rekey is an affordable alternative to a full lock change.


    This is possible since the lock mechanism stays intact, only a certain set of "pins" are rearranged so the old key cut is obsolete.

    What is a transponder key?

    A transponder is a certain RFID chip that send a constant signal at a constant frequency.


    It is powered by the signal it receives from the ignition.


    These signals must match in order for the ignition to turn.

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